R. Scott Riddle MFA medical illustration
Medical Visualization/Creative and Technical Director

Scott Riddle is a veteran medical illustrator and cofounder of Photon Biomedical.  Scott brings years of experience to the team having worked across the healthcare visualization space from the pharmaceutical industry to defense and has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals on the clinical potential of AR/VR in surgical planning. Mr Riddle received his Master of Fine Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology and his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine. He can be reached at 


Daniel Wasser MD
Scientific / Business Director


Dr Wasser is a physician and cofounder of Photon Biomedical.  He is a strong believer in the power of technology to unlock new and innovative ways to educate and train individuals in the healthcare space. Dr. Wasser received his medical degree from Tel Aviv University and his BA from Cornell University.  He can be reached at or by phone at 607.220.4545