Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications

Our company works to offer the latest in technology for our clients and has been at the forefront of virtual and augmented reality development in the training and medical space. AR/VR has the potential to both deliver a new and engaging way to deliver content and drive engagement as well as interact with medical information. Below are examples of some of our recent work in applying AR/VR in both the pharmaceutical training/marketing space, as well as clinical research. If your team has specific interest in AR/VR development please do not hesitate to contact us.


VR Pilot Clinical Trial in Support of Pediatric Endocrinology Grant

DEMO 2017

DEMO/2 2017

DEMO/3 2017

Innovative AR/VR Production Pipeline 

 Photon Biomedical recently published the first report of a prototype that allows for real-time interaction with high-resolution cellular modules using wearable technology. The prototype was developed using zStack data sets which allow for real-time interaction of low polygon and direct surface models exported from primary source imaging to create a clinically impactful and useful virtual model.





White Paper 2015