Custom Augmented and Virtual Reality



1. Engaging and clinically impactful medical visualizations

2. Cutting-edde technology ideal for education or training

3. Differentiation for your product, brand, or institution

Medical, nursing, and engineering schools across the country are challenged to differentiate themselves and prove that they are at the cutting edge of science and technology. In addition, schools increasingly need to justify tuition expenses to potential students. With Photon Biomedical’s experience in customer AR/VR applications, schools have a dedicated partner to offer an educational experience that is cost effective while immersing students in the future.


  • Customer: Marketing department for a nursing school

  • Need: The nursing school would like to demonstrate to potential students that they offer the latest technology to deliver clinically meaningful anatomy and histology education

  • Challenge: To develop a cost effective yet powerful learning tool that would demonstrate the commitment that the school has to furthering the education of its students

  • Solution: Photon Biomedical developed a custom virtual reality application that allows nursing students to interact with patient-specific 3D anatomy and histology models